Cheeseburgers, chicken wings, Italian sausage, even grilled pizza dripping with gooey melted mozzarella. Does this sound like weight loss food?

Heck no! But heck yeah! It IS weight loss food!

Every rib-tickling, mesquite-smoked meal in the new GRILL THIS, NOT THAT!™ will save you hundreds of calories and help you build your leanest, fittest body ever!

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Gentlemen, ladies, GRILL THIS, NOT THAT!™ is no ordinary cookbook. It's an extraordinary guide to grilling that can help you lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more — without dieting! That's because best-selling EAT THIS, NOT THAT!™ authors David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding show you how to turn any backyard grill into an amazing weight loss tool.

Yes, you will learn to master the basics — including how to grill the perfect cheeseburger, fish, and of course, chicken breast. But you'll instantly see how having the simplest of grill skills gives you the power to create a limitless menu of delicious food. The proof: GRILL THIS, NOT THAT!™ 's amazing "Burger Matrix." By just choosing the kind of meat, bun, cheese, toppings, and condiments you want, you can create more than 12,000 mouthwatering burger combinations! And each one will save you hundreds of calories. So you could enjoy a different burger every single day for 32 years — and still lose weight!

But that's just the start. You'll discover a whole new world of grilling that will change the way you eat forever. And no, we're not exaggerating.

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Chicken Under a Brick Cedar Plank Salmon Grilled Sausage and Peppers Rustica
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GRILL THIS, NOT THAT!™ will introduce you to exotic dishes that are easy to
make and clean up — hey, you're grilling! — and that burn belly fat.

These are just a few of the more than 150 amazing
you'll find in GRILL THIS, NOT THAT!™ And every serving of each mouth-watering meal will save you hundreds of calories, compared to what you'd get from your favorite restaurant! That's why you can use GRILL THIS, NOT THAT!™ to eat better than ever while saving calories and cash!

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You Can Grill That?

In GRILL THIS, NOT THAT!™ every single recipe is prepared on the grill. That means easy to make and easy to clean up! But even better, your eyes (and mind!) will be opened to the incredible foods that you can cook on the grill. Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in GRILL THIS, NOT THAT!™ — and yes, they're all delicious!

Grilled Bacon! Grilled Cake! Grilled Avocado! Grilled Watermelon! Grilled Lettuce!
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